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Here i also could say, NOKIA rules, but... we had other phones in the past and they were good ones also, but nowadays... ummmm NOKIA rules! :)

So as for me, i became addicted to these handy things in the year 1997 or so (can't remember) with the purchase of a Nokia "Energy" which was actually a 1611, working in the 1800 MHz net in germany. It was quite big and heavy, but usefull and i loved it! I used it quite a long time till 1999 when i then got hand on a Motorola cd-160 dual band. I needed that one because i moved to another city where the 1800 network wasn't present so i had to use the 900 one, and that required the new phone. Now, Motorola isn't that good and so was the cd-160, big as well, and not nice functions inside... only it could run on standard AA batteries. I didn't use it long and quickly replaced it with a Siemens c-35 which was cute, small, nice functions inside and dual band too!

I stuck with that one for a while till beginning 2000 the Siemens c-35 came out, a MUST for me as it could use WAP!! So i grabbed one.... and later even a second of these. In the meantime i experimented also with an Ericsson GA 628 but that's crap really... lost antenna twice! And the display... ok dun talk about it.

December 2000 i came to thailand and brought along the two Siemens c-35. Aod at that time used a Nokia 3210, and all my tries to convince him to the Siemens failed, he just didn't like the design! But time went by, and after some time i modified the Siemens (blue transparent case and blue LED's for the display). Now Aod also agreed to part with the old fashioned 3210 and he got an Ericsson T18. It was a very slim, small phone with many good features, just it's receptions sucks. Always no net... specially in elevators! I started eyeing the Ericsson T20, but then i lost one of the Siemens in a taxi, and the other one broke after short time use (battery didn't charge full anymore), so i traded it against a Siemens a-35 which i liked the design, but found out that it's got no vibrator, no alarm clock and no games. And i use these features! Hmmmm a new one was needed again, and it was the cute Ericsson T20. That is a chubby styled one, same small as the T18 but thick and... chubby. I still love it! It's got a very good voice dialing function, the flip is high quality and also the other features, ok a bit difficult to use but that gets in quick.

Now, short before November 2000 Aod started liking the Nokia 8250 which is small, handy and Nokia. It's got (ORIGINAL!!) the mystic blue lights which everybody puts in just ANY phone here, can make own ringtones, and... logos! So i decided to give him one for birthday in november, and as a couple should match, i bought one for me too, as i liked it as well!

Now the world was perfect, Nokia is good and will stay good.... ummm a bit later the Nokia 8310 was out and Aod liked that one even more, it's even smaller, got white backlights and a radio inside, and GPRS function which he can use in AIS network (i can't on DPC 1800). X-mas was ahead, and... i had a nice gift for him :)

So i used both the 8250's from that time on, he is very happy with the 8310 still, and i just recently sold one of the two 8250 to my boss and got myself a 3310 "just for fun". I don't regular use it, but to play with it's nice, good games inside and it can save 7 composed ringtones.

As today, i am still with my good "old" Nokia 8250, Aod loves his 8310 and here are some photos of our phones:

Please click the number to go directly to that phone, as this site is pretty long :)

8310   8250   3310   8910   6510   3310mod   5130   6510newlook   6610   newWP   7250   5130newlook   Sanyo SCP 550    Motorola C330   some old phones

Aod's 8310, with the original cover and it's strap....

glow in the dark... that looks just nice!

Here with the red cover... looks even better!

Close up... nice lighting :)

The display with "Ultraman" logo... nice, isn't it?

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Mine 8250, in it's current "dress" with strap and doggie...

THAT is for nightlife! Beat it if you can....

Yes i did the logo myself... with a F-bus cable and software.

Mine 8250 has a huge warderobe... a dress for every occassion! The one left makes it look similar to a 8310 :)

One phone, two networks... no problem with the dual-sim-kit shown here. I use the "Hello" network (GSM 1800) and a prepaid AIS one-two-call (GSM 900)

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This is my 3310 in original dress, but already white lights (changed from green) and the same nice logo as i use in the 8250, showing two cute guys and mine and Aod's name with a heart.... i love him!!

Blue transparent... i am somewhat addicted to that colour!

And in combination with white lights... RULEZZZ!!

The display with our logo close up.... isn't it cute?

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Now, since a while, we have changed our mobiles... As technology goes forward and also some glitches of Aod's 8310 made us opt for newer models. Aod is now using a Nokia 8910, the one with titanium case, in black, and myself got a Nokia 6510 which, as a special, has a HUGE memory capacity, ideal to store all those cute SMS's inside.... Well, let's see some pics :)

Aod's 8910, front view...

and it's back...

Here it's opened...

And in details...

This is the side view...

This 8910 turned out to be an excellent buy, tough it costs quite some money... 27.000 baht had to be invested. But the opening mechanism (by pressing the two chrome buttons on the phone's sides it slides "magically" open) is a superior thing, and also the look of it when it's closed... a real high-class phone.

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Umm but anyway... now it's january 2003 and Aod is looking forward to the next one, which might become a Nokia 6100 or 6610, with the 6100 in favour because it looks more cute. Both of them sport a colour screen.... As for me, my favourite is the 6610 because of it's functions (it's got a radio, yup!) but for now, just yesterday i modified my fellow 6510 to make it look somewhat different... have a look :)

No, it is NOT a 6500! Because that one is not officially available in thailand, but the cover fits with almost no modification on the 6510, so i did it... and now got a really outstanding phone. Some facts: It's got radio!!! and a higher resolution display than other Nokia's, see the network- and battery graphs? Seven bars instead of four. And the logo, which is my normal one (i love it soooo much...) also looks smaller. This screen is excellent for WAP browsing and games. Possibly the best monochrome screen of any mobile phone out there... see more of it:

That's how it looks when open... because the cover is from the 6500 but the actual phone is a 6510, the flip has here no active function, just to protect the keys and look more elegant.

Similar to the 8250, i got a few covers to chose from... the one left is from Aod's 8310, it can (after my tiny modification on the phone itself) also be used now, in the middle is the 6500 look with phone inside, and on the right side is the original 6510 cover.

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And the fellow 3310 also got a little "facelift" now.... i heared about the wonderfull ability of these models to be converted to a 3315, which means the same phone, other software, and a lot more functions. So i brought it to Mahboonkrong where there are a lot of mobile phone shops which do modifications like this and -voila- i got a 3315, which cost me just 100 baht for the upgrade. It is a software not from Nokia! But it some sort of hacker-stuff... the phone now has a picture editor, 51 ringtones (most thai or chinese tunes, not ANY original Nokia!), the profiles can be set to "timed" which means after a preset time the phone goes back to the previous profile, messages can be written in thai now and also it manages to compose those "flashing" SMS's! I just love that feature....

Now, as it is a 3315 now, it may also look like one... here it is:

What you can't see here is the flashing keypad which signals an incoming call way before the phone rings by flashing in red, green, yellow and blue... lovely! The logo is also made by myself (Nokia Logo-Manager), as i use this phone for my business, it sport's my company's name...

This section (8910 and 6510) uploaded on january 4th, 2003. 3315 added january 7th.

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UPDATE !!! May 1st, 2003....

Things happen, and so do they here in Thailand.... As i keep this site updated, here are the latest informations and photos. The first series regards a projekt which i was working on since a while, having an old Nokia 5130 sitting sad and lonely in a box, with no fun... the only reaction i got out of it was a "beeeep" when i connected a charger, but nothing on the display, when i tried to power it up also no reaction.. i got that one from my boss, he wanted to throw it in the bin but i can't see that poor old Nokia there, so i took it but didn't do much with it.

So one sunny day i grabbed that phone and took a ride to Mahboonkrong. There i had the guy in my favourite lights-shop check it, and he found that the power-ic in the phone was damaged. And within a few minutes he had it changed! Oh wonder, the phone worked now! At least when i pressed on the display, i could see something....

The battery was screwed, so i opened it and replaced it's inner cells with a cell taken from a BLB-3 Nokia battery, which is a 900 mAh Li-Ion cell. I just soldered it to the original leads... and it was fine. A charger was found in an accessoires shop at the Bangkok motor show (the 5130 does NOT charge with chargers from newer Nokia's!) and then.... it was operable. Just the display......

So i went back to Mahboonkrong to get a new display. And because the shop was my favourite lights shop, i also had them change the LED's, here blue for the display and white for the kwypad. Together with a black-and-transparent keypad, it is a STUNNING look for such an old phone! I also replaced the antenna with one of these flashing antennas, and added another cover (guess what? Blue transparent! I am addicted to that colour...) Well, see the pics of that project, which i keep to connect with the PC because it is so easu to connect... just on the bottom of the phone, and even it can't receive picture messages or ringtones, it still can send them to other phones by Logo Manager :)

Here it is, after the basic mods and fixes...

Here in it's leather bag.....

These lights ROCK !

The antenna flashes nice when a call comes...

This is the antenna.....

  And here it is in it's blue transparent cover, inside the leather bag :)

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My 5130 got an update! This will open a seperate page...... i tell you so much: STUNNING LOOK! It is about "Flash Modding", which is modifying a phone's operating system, and has here been done by a filipino guy name Lito Dicdican...... see it HERE :)

Also my good 6510 got a few new accessoires, but actually... it's days were already numbered... but that comes later :) See a few pictures of it in it's latest fashion....

  NOT blue, but also very beautifull....

  And yet... STILL blue :) That is a look.....

That was it's complete set of covers, also a blue one present, and the 8310 one and the 6500 one.....

And here beside a friend's 3650 (no, NOT mine... amazing how huge that phone is, i wouldn't buy it.. too BIG! Like a house...)

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Well, as i said, the days of the good 6510 in my hands were numbered. As i stated earlier already, i like the 6610 very much because of the colour screen, it's decent size AND the radio (a very important feature for me!)... and about 2 weeks ago i bought a data cable for the 6510 because it's message memory was full (duh... over 200 SMS inside, despite Nokia says there can only 150 be saved...) and at the same shop (in Mahboonkrong of course) there was a 6610... second hand! CHEAP!!! AFFORDABLE !!!!! I had to get it. I negotiated with the seller, and agreed to trading my 6510, my 3315 (3310...) plus a walkie talkie and 1000 Baht in cash for the 6610. I rushed home to use the data cable for the first and only time to backup all those SMS's, charged the batteries of the walkie talkie (never used for almost two years...), packed the two phones and the walkie and back to Mahboonkrong. And there it was, innocent in black, totally original.... MY 6610!! See it:

  The cover had to be BLUE TRANSPARENT... a must for my phones :) Right is the original innocent black.... Oh, and see the doggie? I got it looong time ago from a friend of mine, and it goes from phone to phone... 8250, 6510 and now here, always the same doggie... i love it!

Better than any operator logo.... personal wallpaper in colour! This is Aod, my beloved boyfriend... recognise that photo? It's also in the gallery... and on my Windows desktop! Thanks to the guys at www.phonefun4u.com it came on my 6610... Thanks so much to England! Their service is excellent and cheap, it cost 15 english pence (0.15 pounds) to get your photo downloadable by WAP, they convert it for you and can even put your name or text or... whatever on it... Visit their website!

A bit closer.... The pic is high quality, but somehow the phone's screen and the digital camera work at similar frequencies, that is why those stripes appear in the pic. They are not on the phone's screen! It is clear and sharp like on the PC....

And finally, that's the back of the phone... i love this colour!

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Now, i keep this page updated, so please check back some time later... Aod is currently waiting for his Nokia 7250, the one with camera. And once he's got it, it will appear here as well :)

This section (5130, 6510 latest and 6610) uploaded on may 1st, 2003

And here we are :)

This page keeps getting longer and longer, but that's the nature of things as they evolve... i don't delete older stuff but get new stuff added....

Here as first i want to show you my modified wallpaper, which is on the screen of mine 6610.

I edited that pictuire to become more "portrait style" and also have some space for the battery- and network bars and the menu words and the clock. Also in the middle of the picture, where the operator name goes, a white space for that purpose. Here shown is my new colour operator logo, which matches so nicely with the picture itself and the green colour scheme of the phone.... Mo way i ever gonna show any other picture than that of my loved Aod on that phone!

And now let's turn to the new star. A Nokia 7250! This phone is yet the sexiest phone which Nokia ever created (even the 6500 being more "cute"...) and got a hell of a lot of functions: Stereo FM radio, a camera build in, ability to run JAVA games and programs, polyphonic ringtones, colour wallpapers etc etc etc...... And all at the same size of the 6610! It is only just slightly thicker, about one millimeter more.

Aod got this one about three weeks ago, shortly after i put the last part of this page online. And just yesterday, may 29th in the evening, this lovely phone already got stolen! The girlfriend of a visiting ex-colleague of mine could not keep her $#@% fingers in her hole but had to grab Aod's phone. Luckily we found out about it ten minutes after they left, and we could recover the phone after a 3 1/2-hour manhunt through Bangkok's nightly side streets with the girl, being in panic after we could make sure she GOT the phone by ringing it while on the phone with my ex-colleague and hearing it ring in the background, jumping off a driving taxi and fleeing in the night, my ex colleague at age 60 unable to follow. Me and Aod also followed, and it became sort of a witch-hunt with staying non-stop on the phone with my ex-colleague while he tried to find the chick and after he got her, trying to convince her to let go of the phone, which she refused in her panic. All started at 00.15 and at 3.35 I could take the 7250 out of his hand and return home, tired like a dog but lucky to have a 20.000 Baht phone NOT lost. One for sure, both of those persons should not bother coming anywhere close to me again for the rest of their lives.

Well, let's see what i am talking about here:

  This is it! Slim, handy and simply beautyfull in style... a 7250.

  Here it's back side with the camera....

  The camera, close up....

  And Aod's lovely wallpaper, which made him the very first participant at my FREE WALLPAPER PROJECT. The cute "Hello Kitty" is in fact his operator logo! These are called "display tags", or mini logos.

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Well, this is it once again.... When new phones knock the door, we won't keep it shut, and this site will live again :) Thank you for reading.....

This section (new wallpaper and 7250) was uploaded on May 31st, 2003

November the 10th, 2003..

The new, er, thingy........ it happened! After all those years using nothing but Nokia, and in the GSM world since 1997 or whenever, a loooong time ago...... i finally did a quite radical step, and that leads to an update on this ever-longer page.

Working in a company with remote boss and remote colleagues, with me being alone in my office almost all the time, and still required to stay in touch, that requires a large amount of phone calls. So large in fact, that the monthly phone bills grew so high that i ran into trouble getting those paid. And on top of that was my network, GSM 1800, still unable to use WAP and all the nice things that come together with it, MMS and so on...... so i went looking for a better, and CHEAPER, network.

Now, since a little while there was an all-new provider in Thailand, "Hutch", or "Hutchison CAT", and it's CDMA network. To be specific, CDMA 2000 - 1x, which is truly 3G.

Now, CDMA is a way different from GSM in terms of phones, it is an entire different system, and if i want to use CDMA, i can't stick with my Nokia. Hutch did not (and still does not!) offer any Nokia phones, but hell, i wanted Hutch because of their low prices and really great promotions. I could, for example, put all my business calls alone into the free minutes offered by one of the promotions and had to pay far less than half of my regular GSM costs! Plus i'd get unlimited free data transfers, e-mail, WAP of course, downloads etc etc etc. Downside: I had to go with one of the japanese flip phones Hutch had on offer. I hesitated, but not very long.

I asked my Aod for assistance, and he gave his ok. I bombarded Hutch with e-mails asking all sort of questions regarding the network coverage and so on, and on several live events i chatted with representatives from Hutch, being impressed with the way how helpfull they were and how good they spoke english! Finding an english  speaking customer service rep at any phone company here was a real challenge, yes, untill Hutch came.

And then, a month or so ago, i kicked my own ass, took off to Mahboonkrong and in a single rush, i sold my Nokia 6610, bought a second hand (1 month old, again) Hutch phone "Sanyo SCP 550" and signed a contract for one year CDMA. Then i took a deep breath and went on to explore my first non-Nokia since years, my first-EVER japanese phone, my first phone with a camera AND my first REAL flip phone. What a package.

Well, it was after all not too bad. I could NOT reply to SMS. The battery.... hmm, it's a flip phone, and those are naturally no good performers in terms of battery. The ringtones, 16 poly, sound nice but are incredibly soft. Well, had to live with that then, for that it is CDMA! And after some hassle (the dealer had given me a wrong ESN number, and when i called to Hutch asking when it's gonna be activated, i forwarded that wrong number and caused a big confusion.... a second trip to MBK, getting the correct ESN and a few further calls solved that... again, Hutch in fluent english and helpfull like nobody else in the world! Thank you, Hutch!!) the phone came active and i made the first "real" calls on CDMA. Wow, WHAT a voice quality!

Now, i don't want to go way out explaining CDMA, but so much... the voice quality is WORLDS better than in GSM, and data transfers, using the phone as a modem, reach 153 kb/second...... faster than two-channel ISDN! And here in Thailand, with Hutch, even CDMA has got SIM cards in the phones, unlike the rest of the CDMA world, where the pones are usually programmed. Only in CDMA those are called "R-UIM".

Now, have a look at this terminal ("phone" in CDMA speak), a cute blue (!!!) one.......

  That's the front side, phone closed.... I still have my cute doggie attached to this phone, too :)

  Here it is open, showing my wallpaper (the same i used on the 6610, my love Aod.... just hat here the "Hutch CDMA" is no operator logo, but edited into the actual picture.

  And from the side, with the antenna pulled out... cute, i like those retractable antennas on some phones :)

  The keypad in detail..... this terminal has some revolutionary ways o inputting thai characters into SMS, a real nice phone in fact! Only the backlights... cheap, ordinary green for the keypad. Hey Sanyo, that could be white or at least blue!

  This is the back side of it.....

  And here without battery, and the R-UIM  (CDMA-"SIM") taken out just to show that it's REALLY got a SIM in there, even tough it is a CDMA.

  This is my wallpaper on the big internal screen, which sports 144x176 pixels in 65.000 colours.......

  The main menu, icon based...

  This is the external, small display.... The Sanyo even got this small screen in colour! Able to show 4096 colours and wallpapers, unfortunately always with the display of time and date..... Disturbs, when i use the same wallpaper as on the internal screen.

  And this is the wallpaper i actually use on that small external screen (74x74 pixels). The gay flag, which i carry with pride, and even matches nice with the clock, here set to "big".

  This one shows the terminal's camera, located on the front side. The phone's both displays can be used as a view finder! Just activate the cam, and close the flip - it will automatically switch to the external display, and so can even be used as a make-up-"mirror"!! That LED above the camera does NOT flash when the phone is in use! It is only for charging, being red as long as it charges and green when the battery is full.

Now, since this phone got a camera, it can take pictures (duh!). And i also own a data cable, to connect that phone with the computer and download those photos to the harddisk. Now, here are a few examples (original size!) of pictures taken with that phone:

  My darling Aod, at "Sizzler" World Trade, a few hours after i bought the phone.....

  Me, at the same place......

  That cute guy is the one who sold me the phone, his name is Joe, and he's gay, too :)

  Quite usefull, such a phone cam...... this is most likely Thailand's one-and-only Honda-Taxi-Meter. Honda does normally NOT allow it's cars to be used as taxi, well, here's a "Civic"...... and without the cam phone, nobody would ever believe me i saw a Honda taxi!

  And also nobody would EVER believe me i made 40.880 points in that bloody "Bejeweled" game (aka Diamond Mine) at my office! Boring days.... and without cam, no evidence again..........

  This was taken on a recent visa-run trip to Cambodia... this ancient gate is immediately after the border at the checkpoint Poi Pet.

  And also such good looking Tuk-Tuks are rare in Bangkok...... here most of them are dirty, old and loud. This one, at the thai side of that border checkpoint (Aranyaprathet) was in brand-new condition and had a truly whispering engine!

  This is the bigger size which that phone can take... there are two sizes possible. This is taken from the window of our room, down onto a parking lot which is used as a maintenance-place for "soi buses", the ones that roam the side streets here in Bangkok.

  And another big one, of that amazing huge satellite dish, which the neighbours of my office bolted on their balcony rails. Already on the second day it started sagging........

Now, so much to the Sanyo SCP 550. I use it since a month now and got used to it. One major quirk (not being able to reply to SMS) was solved recently by a free (!) software upgrade from Hutch, the terminal now runs on version 1.900 of it's operating system, and besides now being able to reply to SMS, it can now also download "karaoke" songs. Well, that is ringtones, accompanied by a video clip with subtitles to which you may sing along. Cute..... and it works!

Should new phones come again (i still wait for the launch of a CDMA Nokia, preferrably 6585, 3105 or 6225 here in Thailand) or even Aod going to Hutch as well.... i keep you updated!! This was launched on november 10th, 2003.

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And here we are :)

About two months ago i managed to get a "new" phone from a colleague for an extreme cheap price, because there was a problem with that phone's battery. It is a Motorola c330, which has the battery built in, not removable! How stupid from Motorola.... but i could change that battery (of course i can!) and so i got a cheap cute little phone, which has a 4-scale grey tone display and polyphonic ringtones. Even GPRS is present! And... it is BLUE!!!! Have a look:


Front and back side of that small phone......


It's bottom with the connectors, and the side with the nice chrome bar.....


And here it's display with wallpaper (!!! Grey scale display !!!) and the screen saver, which i did myself! You will remember the upper part of that picture, which used to be my operator logo on the Nokia's :)

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Page updated on May 21, 2004