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Hello dear visitors! Welcome to the entree site of the common internet project by Thanh and Aod. We are two guys, living together in Bangkok, Thailand. One of us, Aod, is a thai national, 27 years old by november, and me, Thanh, i am a german national, now 29 1/2 years old.

We are now living together since i left germany in december 2000, and both we are very happy together. Here see a picture which shows us together:

and there are several better ones in our gallery site :)

Now, what awaits you in our little website..... basically some informations about ourselfes, what we do and why we do it, where and how we do that (not what YOU think lah...).  Navigation through these sites is quite simple, as i set up some frame thingy here... just click one of these links above, and you'll be beamed straight to the target. You'll always come back here by using the Start Site link, or, if i did not forget to put one there, by a Back link. If any of these thousands of links should not work, please inform either Aod or me about that one, i will fix it.

Oh yeah, as promised, from the very first site (the one that appears before this one), you can also link to a free-to-view gay erotic  gallery, which is hosted on another server. For that reason there will be no link at all within this homepage, and access can only be given by that link on the very first page. That has it's legal reasons, i apologize for any inconvenience. Simply bookmark that first page and have a quick access to both separated chapters of our sites :)

These websites will be constantly updated, which sometimes takes a time, as neither Aod or me are professionals web designers, and i do this in my quite rare freetime... please visit us again, dun forget to sign our guestbook....................... Cheers :)