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RC stands for "radio controlled", and this means woreless, "remote" controlled model cars or planes etc. Here in thailand is a special kind of them very popular, called "rod kraphong" which means "canned cars". They have this name because they come in a box, a plastic cylinder which looks and has the size of a can. The cars themself are pretty cute and small, and are object for tuning, tuning and again... tuning.

Of course i couldn't resist these small things... and built up, i.e. modified one, to my favour... Aod also got one, just decent tuned... well, here are some pictures :)

mine, left side... Deep Blu, isn't that a nice name???

backside, with the 3th battery for the turbo... a hell of work to get that done!

the downside, can see the modified engine case type "W"?

here together with the controller, also quite modified (case etc...) with TURBO button

Yeah that's what it's all about... the "electric nitrogene injection" or Controller Turbo, which needs a 3th transmission channel and heavy modification in the car's electronics and as well in the controller's...

be sure to use batteries like these when you run tuned engines... at least 1200 mAh should be, 1600 are even better (these are 1600's Panasonic NiMH type)

normally used engine... built up myself, with the silver magnets, a triple slot rotor, ball bearrings, and transmission 32-10, goes like hell and sucks the batteries like a short circuit :) Maximal race length 10 min... batteries :)

this is my DRAG engine. A modified Tamiya HyperDash II motor, green bottom gear, ball bearrings. Transmission here 34-8, acceleration is above good or bad, but not very fast... an ideal for the short dragstrip races

here good to see, the transmission wheel with 34 teeth and the "W"

Of course Aod's car is also not the bad one... just not that heavy tuned... well, here it is!

nice silver one, here on it's base plate...

AHA! That's why they are called "canned cars".....

It's really a nice one, and got oriental eyes really.... :)

That's it's downside... quite original, but see the yellow spots? Relays... they tell you that here's a tiger inside. This one has double relay standard tuning, and even using original engine case and transmission, but BIG wheels :)

Here are the relays in mine, Deep Blu. I use triple relay because of the additional Turbo.

Want to see something really cute??? No, not Aod... i mean RC wise... one of the smallest full-function RC cars in the world, import from Japan... they are called penny racers because they are soooo small. It works like a big one, full function!

Isn't that one cute????

here against a watch... just to show you the size!

even the digital camera can't get it clear, so small is that....

Here it's charging it's battery... which is inside and get's charged by the controller!