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Welcome! Here are now some older cell phones which i still own - some of them real "Historic" :)

A Siemens S 35 I, left w/o lights, middle with lights "on" and right in it's protective


and here - for the night life! The case is semi-transparent, it allows this mystic "glow in the dark" effects!

This phone i acquired only just recently for free (!) because it has a somewhat Siemens-typical defect: Once the battery is discharged about 50%, the phone "thinks" that the battery is totally flat, and it shuts itself off. It does so with any battery, so it is definitely something with the phone's circuitry. I don't care about that, i still can use it normally for about three days, and then i simply recharge it, regardless it showing still "100% charged". In original this one was of the "silver" edition, but i changed the cover/case (of course bue!) because the original was terribly scratched. Please, folks, don't put your cell phones in the jeans pockets together with keys or coins!

This one is NOT a Motorola "Flare"!!!

But a very rare "Pioneer PCC-D 500" GSM-900 model. It is "Made in Germany"! I got this one from my ex-colleague while i was still working in germany. It too had been broken, and here in Thailand after a looooong time i discovered it among other stowed-away things and i just took it and fixed it. It's SIM reader was damaged (bent contacts) and of course both batteries which i have for it are dead. It (and the batteries!) is approximately 6 years old. For a cell phone that is like "1950" for a car - historic. Yet, it still works, apart from the battery, quite excellent..... after charging it for 24 hours, it will stay standby for some two hours or allows a non-stop conversation of about 15 Minutes. The voice quality is better than many actual phones! But it can't send SMS... that was invented later :)

This one is a "all-day oldie", a Ericsson NH 237! It is an analogue model, without SIM, and while talking there is noise and crackle just like an old cordless. But this is a real cellular phone! I too got this one for free, not even damaged, just missing it's charger. I built one myself :) "All-day Oldie" because here in Thailand these phones, at age 5-6 years, are still quite commonly used, specially up country, where the analogue network has a slight advantage over the GSM - or CDMA system. This Ericsson works in the AIS "Cellular 900" network, which is of NMT technology at 900 MHz. It is no more registered, but emergency calls are always possible! For that reason i keep the battery charged.....

This is another such "All day Oldie", one of the first Motorola "Star TAC", i suppose. Analogue as well, here AMPS at 800 MHz, it does not even have a LCD display! Instead it shows it's 3-step net strength and effectively also 3-step battery meter, roaming indicator and dialled number in illuminating LED's, just like one of those radio alarm clocks! It's got alltogether four ringtones at two possible volume levels, and the battery (a brand new one!) keeps it standby for approx. 18 hours.... they been that way at that time :) This one is a "import" from Canada, but it worked well in Thailand too, on D-TAC's "New 800" network, before i cannibalised it for a spare part. Now one of those flat ribbon-cables is missing. Amazingly the cable from this 5-6 year old phone did fit into a just two year old GSM version, allowing me to fix that one and make some money :) 

So, this have been the "historic" models in my handphone collection of today 6 pieces..... should i get any more of them, i will certainly post them up here as well :)

Small update here (21.5.2004): I have acquired a second such StarTac, which was badly water damaged. I used it for spare parts, and with the cable from it i could re-animate my first one! Here's how that looks now: