HELLO! Here are the shortings u need on DX, also the international spelling alphabet... No background, so u can print it with a matrix printer...


Useful shortings:

QSO a on-air talk

QTH residence, where your station is

QRX please standby

QRM noise, disturbing from other far-away stations

QRN noise, athmospherical (lighning-"crck")

QRA time

QSP relay station

QRL working place, or just "work"

QSY frequency- or channel change

QRP working with low power (max five watts)

QRO working with high power

AM amplitude modulation

FM frequency modulation

SSB single sideband mode

USB upper sideband (SSB)

LSB lower sideband (SSB)

TX sending

RX receiving

TRX or RTX or TXRX transceiver, radio

MIKE microphone

PA power amplifier

ANT antenna

RST signal report

DX distant exchange, long distance talk

CQ attention, I call everybody

CQ-DX attentio, calling DX

QRZ callsign, or nickname ("Skip")

QSL receiving confirmation


Theese are the most needed codes on the 11meter band.


International spelling alphabet: (some differents listed!)


a = alpha (america)

b = bravo

c = charly (canada)

d = delta (david)

e = echo

f = foxtrott (fox, florida)

g = golf

h = hotel

i = india

j = juliett (jamaica, jerome)

k = kilo

l = lima (lemon)

m = mike (madison)

n = november (north pole, nancy, nature)

o = oscar

p = papa

q = quebec

r = romeo (radio)

s = sierra (sugar, signal, santiago)

t = tango (tesla)

u = uniform (unik, united)

v = victor

w = whiskey

x = x-ray

y = yankee (ypsilon)

z = zulu (zachary)

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