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Hi!!! This is Thanhīs   CB-RADIO SITE...

for all who are interested in a fantastic way to talk with other people in the neighbourhood or around the world... without any per-minute charges!!!

Launched on sept. 20, 2001 by Thanh

About CB-radio: CB stands for Citizen Band, that means a special frequency range free for private, non professional use by everyone without a license like Ham Radio.

CB was found in U.S.A., of course. And it is now known around the world, in the most countries it is legaliced on 40 Channels in frequency modulation. In other countries thereīs also SSB and AM modulation allowed, with output power between one and twelve watts. Some countries are special: Here in thailand we have 40 legal channels in FM and AM, and in Italy, where is officially no CB radio, they use all kinds of <transceivers> with up to 400 channels, in AM, FM and SSB with a power up to 500 watts and more... A real paradise for operators like me.. :)

What do you need to become a CB-Operator?

You just need a "TRANSCEIVER", that means a CB-unit or -radio. When you buy it, it comes with a microphone and a power cord. There are different models on market: hand-helds or "PORTABLES", they have a build-on antenna and are powered by batteries. Most of them donīt have the functions like a mobile or base station, but they are small and easy-to-use... just switch on, push a button and talk...

And there are the "MOBILES". They are most used in cars, but also, with a 12-Volts power supply, in the home like a base. They have most functions like scanning, selective call systems, noise killers and more. Most of them are quite small like this ALAN 78 that i used on my

motorcycle: Thatīs a easy-to-handle small radio with not so many  functions, but a good modulation quality and it is robust made.

And thereīs the "King class", the BASE STATIONS. That are big and heavy machines with many features, a build in power supply and big buttons. Theyr design is most technically, but some of them come with wood design or chrome, like a good HiFi equipment. They are the most expensivest and most used with a special type of microphone, the desktop microphone.

But, a radio wonīt be all you need. Nothing works without an ANTENNA. There are so many types of antennas availiable, my webspace is not enough to show them all... :) In a car, you can use a mobile antenna with a length about one meter or a bit more. On a base station itīs important to have a good, that means BIG, antenna. The most used type on CB is the "half wave vertical", a 5,5 meters long vertical whip made of alloy or fibre glass, mounted on th roof or on a mast. When itīs legal in your country, you can also use a directional "beam" antenna, like a YAGI. This gives you the maximum range, and can transport your signal really around the world.

How to use CB-Radio?

Thatīs easy like telephone. Switch it on, and select a channel. You can listen if someone is there, if not, simply call... When you got answer, you will come in a talk real fast... And youīll find it great! Every child can use a CB, you must not study for it... Simply use it like a telephone or IRC, and have fun with it.

Where can u use a CB-Radio?

Everywhere! In the house, in the car, on a motorcycle, in a plane, on a boat, while walking or jogging, on your work (if boss allows:)), during sports.... look at the following pic: My motorcycle with a Alan 78 and a power amplifier (psssh... forbidden!) and a battery. Thereīs no thing where u canīt use a CB! (That was back in germany, here in Thailand i only operate a portable yet, but a 400 channel one)


In an emergency situation, like an accident or natural disaster, a CB still works when all telephones are dead... If you have batteries! Special in the car a CB will help you in bad situations (far away from home and donīt know the right way, fuel empty in night, crash...). Thatīs the reason why I think: A car without a CB on board is just broken...

You see, CB radio can bring you help, friends and... a lot of fun! If you like to know more about it, specially the DX, that means long distance contacts, please check the following sites.... thank you for reading!